Bed Time on the Farm

This week’s theme was “Bed Time on the Farm”. We read three adorable books: No Sleep for the Sheep by Karen Beaumont, Bed Hogs by Kelly DiPucchio, and The Perfect Nest by Catherine Friend.

These books are always crowd pleasers with the kids. Their funny characters and bright illustrations always keep them entertained and alert. They are also great books for getting the kids to interact. After finishing a page you can ask questions like, “Who is the cat dressed like?” or “How many pigs are left in the bed?”. They’re simple questions but the simple interaction will keep the kids from getting bored.

For our songs we did:

Little Bo Peep

(You can cut out pictures as a visual while reading)

Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep And doesn’t know where to find them Leave them alone And they’ll come home Wagging their tails behind them
Little Bo Peep she searched for her sheep But didn’t quite know how to find them She looked everywhere From here and to there But still couldn’t think where to find them
Little Bo Peep began to weep And lay down to rest for a while She fell fast asleep While counting her sheep Then dreamt they came home with a smile
Little Bo Peep had fallen asleep And dreamt that she was all alone But when she awoke And pulled back her cloak She saw that her sheep had come home
Little Bo Peep had lost her sheep And didn’t know where to find them She left them alone And they came home Wagging their tails behind them

Five Little Ducks:

(You can track down five little plastic ducks or cut them out from paper. This will help them put a physical number to the verbal. Also, have them help you count the five ducks when you put them all up.)

Five little ducks went out to play, over the hills and far away. Mother duck cried, “Quack!, Quack!, Quack!”, and only four little ducks came running back.

Four little ducks went out to play, over the hills and far away. Mother duck cried, “Quack!, Quack!, Quack!”, but only three little ducks came back.

(Three, Two, One)

The games we play often help the kids practices their large and fine motor skills. For our large motor skill we played Egg Toss and for our fine motor we played Chick Sort:

Egg Toss

I used a round laundry tote and plastic easter eggs. The goal was for them to toss the egg into the basket. The game helps them strengthen arm and shoulder muscles while also practicing hand-eye coordination. The kids always enjoy it too!

Chick Sort

I cut out a dozen or so baby chicks using different colors of paper. The goal of the game is to sort the baby chicks into groups by color. This game helps them utilize their finger and hand muscles. It also helps with color association.

Our craft for the week went with “The Perfect Nest”. We had the kids create their very own nest with baby birds in them.


You will need: a paper circle, tissue paper, construction paper, pom0poms, googly eyes, and glue.

We start our craft by having the kids put glue all over their circle. Then we let them tear the tissue paper into medium size pieces. Have them crumple the paper and stick it in the glue. Once they cover the entire circle with the paper we can move onto our little pom-pom birds.


To make the pom-pom birds you will need to cut a small triangle for the beak and two large triangles for the wings. Have the kids put glue on the pieces and arrange them on the pom-pom depending on how they want their bird to look. Next, they simply glue on the googly eyes and glue their finished pom-pom birds to the nest.

Now let the kids show off their cute little nests!



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