Princess Power

This week’s theme for story time was Princess Power. Our titles were: Goldilocks, Sleeping Beauty, and Will Princess Isabel Ever Say Please? by Steve Metzger.



Both Sleeping Beauty and Goldilocks follow the traditional story plots that we were told when we were kids. Will Princess Isabel Ever Say Please?, however tells the story of a princess that misses her chances at finding a prince because she refuses to say “please”.


After reading the traditional Goldilocks I wanted to see if the kids could retell the general plot of the story. I used laminated paper cutouts of the characters for this. Start them out with the Goldilocks piece and have them explain who she is and where she is going. Next introduce the house and the bowls of porridge. Ask questions like, “What was wrong with papa bear’s porridge?” and “What happened when she sat in baby bear’s chair?”.  Before you know it the kids have told you the entire plot of the story. This activity is especially good for memorization skills.

For our song we did:


When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears.

Oh what did her blue eyes see. (put fingers around eyes)

A bowl that was big. (arms out stretched)

A bowl that was small (bring arms in slightly)

A bowl that was tiny and that’s not all. (bring hands together for tiny)

She counted them 1,2,3.

(Repeat with chairs, beds, and bears)

Our activities included fairy tale theme puzzles and play dough:


Puzzles are a great activity for young kids. It helps them strengthen their hand muscles while also challenging them to see put pieces of an image together in their mind.

Play Dough

Play dough is always a crowd pleaser with the kids! They will love making things out of the dough and not even realize that they are improving their arm muscles.

Our craft this week was a foam crown. If you want you can do the craft before the books so that they can feel and look like royalty while reading about Sleeping Beauty and Isabel. For this craft you will need foam sheets (you can find them at any craft store or walmart), markers, sequence or jewels, stickers, glue, and elastic.

For our craft this week we made personalized foam crowns. If you do the craft first the kids will have crowns to show off while reading about the princesses. For his craft you will need: foam sheets (you can find them at any craft store), markers, sequence, stickers, glue, and elastic.

Start off by outlining the shape of a crown on a sheet of foam. If the kids are old enough they can practice cutting along the line themselves otherwise you may have to do this step for them. Then let the kids color their crown piece however they please. They can make designs, color it in, or write their name.

Next let the kids decorate their crown with sequence and stickers. Most of the kids decorated both sides of their crowns so just remember not to put any scratchy sequence on the inside of the crown. It could scratch their forehead.

After the thoroughly cover their crowns its time to put on the elastic. If you poke a small hole on each end of the crown you can run the elastic through. By using elastic we get a little wiggle room in how the crown will fit them. 



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