This week in story tine we did a Walt Disney theme. The kids were so excited to see Mickey and his friends! The books we read this week were: Look Before You! and Coco and Goofy’s Big Day!. These books are great for teaching life lessons including good decision-making and responsibility.









The books are a little longer than the usual Easy Books we do so it is important to have fun with them. If you have fun and use different voices for the characters the kids are more likely to stay connected.

Our songs this week I used the Disney dancing’ Tunes CD. This Cd includes songs such as: “Twist and Shout”, “Lets Dance”, “Limbo Rock”, “Ducks Dance”, “Splashdance”, and “the Hokey “.  Any of these songs would b great entertainment for the kids. There are several Disney character CD’s out there that you could use as well. The music just allows the kids to express themselves through dancing or laughing.

The games we played this week were Character Cube and the Alphabet Puzzle.

Character Cube

I have used this game in the past but this week I did actions often associated with popular Disney characters. I used a soft foam cube and I wrote a different action on each side. One could say “Hop like Tigger” or “Swim like Nemo”, “Dance like Happy Feet”, or “Roar like Simba”. This game gets the kids up and moving incase they are starting to get bored with the books. It helps release some pent-up energy. Plus the kids love it!

Alphabet Puzzle

This is a Disney puzzle in which each piece has a popular Disney character along with a letter. I put all the pieces of the puzzle on the floor and I had the kids put it together in alphabetical order. If they have trouble remind them to sing the Alphabet and that usually helps. It was great practice.

Our craft this week went along with the movie Up!. I was inspired to do a craft I remember from when I was a little girl. What you will need is an Up! color page ( google search Up color page and print the one of the house floating under the balloons), markers, and washable paint.

First have the kids color the house of the picture with the markers. They can color the balloons if they like but they will be covered by the paint later.

Next, get ready and roll up the sleeves, because they are going to be painting with their fingers. Have all kinds of paint colors: red, yellow, orange, green, blue… Our group had bowls because there were several kids but you could put the paint in and old egg carton. Have the kids dip one finger into the paint place it in one of the balloons. Each balloon will then be a fingerprint of your child.

Remember to use all the colors and have fun! After the paint is dried you can display the beautiful painting!

(Due to all of my pictures being lost, there are no photos this week. My apologies.)


One thought on “Disney

  1. Kit Corps says:

    I love the character cube idea! I am going to use a tissue box for the dice and cover it with construction paper.

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