Dogs on the Loose

This weeks story time is focused on a dog theme. All of the books we read were about dogs and the adventures they have. Our book titles were: Clifford Keeps Cool by Bridwell, Martha Speaks by Meddaugh, and Biscuit’s Day at the Farm by Capucilli.

Our games were the Dog House Build and Sand Play.

For the Dog House Build I gave the group a pile of foam blocks. The only instructions I gave them were to work together and build a doghouse. This activity is good for socialization if you are with a group of children. It also lets them use their imagination. The kids usually come up with something creative and they can say this did it all on their own.

Sand Play is always a go-to game. I have never used it when the kids absolutely love it! Even the parents and daycare providers agree…if you hide anything in sand, the kids will love it! All I do is gather toys and other trinkets (plastic dinosaurs, hot wheels, magnifying glasses, shells, spoons) in a tub full of sand. Let the kids push up their sleeves and dig in. The sand ignites their senses and helps them with differentiating objects with their hands.

Our songs this week were Old McDonald Has a Farm and Dog in the Dirt.

Old McDonald Had a Farm

Old MacDonald had a farm,
Ee i ee i oh!
And on that farm he had some chickens,
Ee i ee i oh!
With a cluck-cluck here,
And a cluck-cluck there
Here a cluck, there a cluck,
Everywhere a cluck-cluck
Old MacDonald had a farm
Ee i ee i oh!

(Add any animals you care to)


Dog in the Dirt

  10 little dogs went out one day (10 fingers up)

To dig in the dirt and play (pretend to dig)

Five were spotted and five were not (exaggerate one hand at a time)

And at dinner time they ate a lot (pretend to eat)

Our craft this week was a dog puppet. For this craft we used: a foam cup, wiggly eyes, a puff-ball, paper ears, markers, and glue sticks.

First I had the kids color their cup. This is more challenging than the usual coloring we do simply because it is not on a flat surface. It will challenge the kids skills and hand coordination. Anticipate this step taking longer than normal coloring. 

Next I gave the kids ears made from construction paper.  They can use the glue sticks to attach the ears wherever they think is best. Next are the wiggly eyes and the puff-ball.

Last I gave the kids scissors so that they could cut their own piece of yarn for the tail. After attaching the tail they are finished!


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