It’s a Cat’s World

Last week we had a dog theme story time so this week we are doing a cat theme! The stories we read this week are: Kitten Red, Yellow, Blue by Peter Cataalanotte; Meow! By Katya Arnold; and Kitten for a Day by Ezra Jack Keats.








Our song this week was Kitty in a Basket.

If there’s someone in the city doesn’t want a little kitty
Tell them put the little kitty in a basket
Leave the little basket outside my door
And I’ll love the little kitty for evermore

No matter ’bout the colour of her nosey
Don’t care if she’s a fella or a girl
Don’t have to be as pretty as a posey
And I promise not to laugh if she only has a half-a-tail

Savin’ up a dollar and I’m gonna buy a collar
If she’s lookin’ for a home, please won’t ya ask it
Don’t want a little tiskit, or a little tasket
Just a little kitty in a basket

I’ll hug her and I’ll squeeze her, never never leave her
Want a little kitty in a basket

For our activities we made a cat toy and we did “Simon Says”:

The cat toys were something that the kids could have fun making at the library but they could still take home and use with pets or as toys. We used sticks about a foot long and strips of ribbon. The kids attached the ribbons to the stick with tape. The activity used fin motor skills and helped with finger strength.

Simon Says is always a crowd pleaser at story time! The important thing is to get them moving while also keeping them safe. That means, if there is a large group, don’t have the kids swinging their arms because someone will end up getting hit in the face. Movements like: hop on one foot, reach as high as you can, jump up and down, touch your toes…

Our craft this week was a kitten mask. It wasn’t a difficult craft but the kids loved it! The craft requires: white round paper plates, crayons/markers, yarn, construction paper, wiggly eyes, a pom-pom, and glue and scissors.

First have the kids color the plate to their liking.

Next have them cut the edge of the plate inward so that the plate looks ruffled. Have them go all around the plate. Then have them cut triangles out of the construction paper for the ears and have them also cut short pieces of yarn for whiskers.

Finally have them glue the ears, whiskers, wiggly eyes, and the pom-pom on.


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