Yum, Yum in my Tum!!

This week in story time we continued our Food theme. Our books this week were: Curious George Makes Pancakes by H. A. Rey, Spoon! By K. Rosenthal, and Lunch by D. Flemming.

Both Curious George Makes Pancakes and Spoon are humorous stories about learning lessons while Lunch! is more of a guessing book for kids. The book describes a mouse that is going through the house and eating all sorts of things. On one page it will describe the texture of the food and its color, for example a crunchy orange, and the kids will have to guess what food it is. The next page reveals what the answer is.


Our songs this week were: “I Like Oranges” and “Bananas”

“I Like Oranges”
(Tune: “Three Blind Mice”)
I like oranges. I like oranges.
Oranges are a fruit. Oranges are a fruit.
They are not animals, tools and such.
They are good fruit that I like so much.
So, I eat oranges. I eat oranges.
An orange is orange. An orange is orange. It is not red.
It is not purple nor pink nor gray.
An orange is simply not colored that way.


Bananas are my favorite fruit (make fist as if holding banana)
I eat one every day (hold up one finger)
I always take one with me (act as if putting one in pocket)
When I go out to play (wave goodbye)
It gives me lots of energy (make muscle)
To jump around and run (move arms as if running)
Bananas are my favorite fruit (rub tummy)
To me they’re so much fun! (point to self and smile)


Our small motor activity this week was a lace-up game. We used cardboard shapes, such as apples, bananas, and pears, and we punched holes all around the edge of the shape. We attached a string to one hole and cut a piece long enough to weave around the entire shape. The kids then go hole by hole and work the string around the shape. This activity helps with their finger dexterity and finger control.

Our large motor skill this week was a “Food Fight” toss. We used our usual bean bags and two large totes. I attached pictures of foods to the bean bags; either a fruit or a vegetable. I had the kids sort the foods into categories. One tote was labeled “Fruit” and the other “Vegetable”.


Our craft this week went with the Lunch! story. We made a slice of watermelon which is the last thing the mouse ate in the story. This craft is super simple and easy to make. What you will need is a white round paper plate, a circle drawn on a piece of white paper, markers, scissors, and glue.

First draw a circle on a piece of white paper. Make sure that the circle is the same size as the center circle on the paper plate. Then give both the circle and the paper plate to the kids to color. Tell them that the circle is the inside of the watermelon and the plate is the outside. Let them guess what color each part of the watermelon is. Make sure that they color the rim of the paper plate because that is the only part of the plate that will show. If they would like they can also use a black marker and put dots all over the watermelon to look like seeds.

After they color both pieces have them cut out the circle. You can simply have them color the center of the plate but having a separate piece ensures that they are practicing cutting which is a skill needed in Kindergarten.

Then have them glue the circle to the center of the plate; whichever side they want showing. Flip the plate over and have them put glue on the entire back side of the plate. Fold the plate in half and crease it. Press the rim together firmly to make sure it stays in place.

Lastly, cut a bite-size section of the watermelon to look like they took a bite out of it.


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