Desserts for Dinner!!

This week we finished our food theme story time with the best theme of all; desserts! Our books this week were: I Am an Ice Cream Truck by Ace Landers and  Whopper Cake by Karma Wilson.









The kids loved the books about desserts especially because we finished our food theme month with ice cream sandwiches. I Am an Ice Cream Truck is a board book that tells what an ice cream truck has to sell. Whopper Cake is about a granddad who bakes a whopper cake for Grandma’s birthday.

Our songs this week were all from Jim Gill. The CDs by Jim Gill are always crowd-pleasers. The songs with the best participation are: “The Tempo Marches On”, “Silly Dance Contest”, and “Spaghetti Legs”. All  of his songs are instructional and tell the kids what actions to do. I use the same songs for Wiggle-Giggle where I have two-year olds who participate.

“The Tempo Marches On”

We are marching to the rhythm.

We are marching to the beat.

We are lifting up our knees and we are stamping our feet.

But the song keeps getting faster with each verse that we complete.

The tempo marches on.

Chorus: Faster, faster, faster, faster. Faster, faster, faster, faster. Faster, faster, faster, faster. The tempo marches on.

“Silly Dance Contest”

Dance anyway you want to

Dance anyway you please

Dance anyway you want to

But STOP when I say please!

(Repeat going fast, and slow)

“Spaghetti Legs”

If my arms were made of spaghetti

I’ll tell you what i’d do

I’d wiggle and giggle and shake and jiggle and hope that my arms were not too.

(Repeat with Arms, neck, fingers, and body)


Our craft this week was a five-scoop ice cream cone. I found a printout of an ice cream cone and scoops so that the kids could color them to their liking and then assemble them. For the printout enter “Ice Cram Cone Template” into a search engine.

First have the kids color the scoops and cone however they want. I made mine a variety of colors and told them that they were different flavors. Pink is strawberry, green is mint, brown is chocolate, and so on. They can add dots for sprinkles or swirls for chunks. If they would like, they can even decorate the scoops with glitter for sprinkles.

After they color all of the pieces they can cut them out. After that they can either glue their pieces to a bright piece of paper or they can simply glue the pieces all together.



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