This weeks story time was about Owls! Our books were: The Little White Owl by Tracey Corderoy, Little Owl Lost by Chris Haughton, and Owl Babies by Martin Waddell.

The Little White Owl was by far the most popular story and I was not surprised a bit. The illustrations in the story are very colorful and fun. The kids soon noticed that there were two owls of every color but they had different patterns on them. The details in the book were great for keeping the kids entertained and focused throughout the entire story.

Our songs this week were:

Five Little Owls

Five little owls on a branch by the shore,

A squirrel campered by and then there were 4.

Four little owls pered high up in a tree,

The wind shook one off and then there were 3.

Three little owls with nothing fun to do,

One got bored and then there were 2.

Two little owls just having some fun,

A bear came along and then there was 1.

One little owl winking at the setting sun,

He flew into the forest and then there were none.

Wise Old Owl

A Wise old with a pointed nose

Two Pointed and claws for his toes.

He sits in the tree watching down below 

Saying who, who, who

All night long.

This week for our activity we had a short dance party! We used songs from Jim Gill that have instructing lyrics. The songs help the kids follow directions while also getting up, moving, and having fun. The most popular songs with the kids are: “Silly Dance Contest”, Spaghetti Legs”, “List of Dances”, “Poison Ivy”, “and Jump Up Turn Around”. All of the songs are easy to follow while also keeping the kids entertained. You can never go wrong with a Jim Gill dance Party!

Our craft this week was a baby owl. You can use create your owl out of an empty can and a few other supplies found around the house. What you will need is: an empty can, construction paper cut into circles for the feathers and ovals for the wings, white circles for the eyes, a black marker, and glue.

Take the construction paper and draw circles on the white side. Have the kids practice cutting on the circles. After you have enough to cover the can you can start gluing them on row by row. Once the entire can is hidden by the “feathers” you can move onto the next step.

Cut out long ovals for the wings and large circles for the eyes. Use your black marker to draw pupils on the eyes and go ahead and glew both onto the can.  Craft glue or a stronger tacky glue is best for this craft. If you don’t ave access to a can you can print out an owl color page and do the same process but on the flat surface.


2 thoughts on “Owls

  1. Tina says:

    I’m trying to make theses for a baby shower , but there are no instructions on how to do the top part of the owl. The part that makes the ears.

    • KPL Kids' Corner says:

      Hi, Tina! I didn’t write this particular post, but I believe the owls in the picture were made with pillow boxes (not cans like it says in the instructions). You can make your own out of cardstock. There are templates in a couple different sizes at Homemade Gifts Made Easy. I hope this helps!

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