Indiana Wildlife

This week for story tine we read about Wildlife. In addition to story time, we also had members of Indiana Wild’s come in for a special visit with some of their nocturnal friends. Our stories this week were: The Velveteen Rabbit by M. Williams, If You Were My Baby by F. Hodgkins, and A Bald Eagle’s World by C. Arnold.










Our songs this week were:

The Raccoon Song

Raccoon sleeps in a hollow tree

While the sun shines on you and me.

Sleep, little raccoon, Sleep, little raccoon,

Warm and cozily.
In the darkest part of night

Raccoon has the best eyesight.

Look, little raccoon, Look, little raccoon,

My, your eyes are bright.
Raccoon hardly makes a sound

When he prowls all around.

Hunt, little raccoon, Hunt, little raccoon,

Find food on the ground.

The Funny Kittens

Once there were some silly kittens,

And they   knitted woolly mittens

To bestow upon the freezing   Hottentots.

But the Hottentots refused them,

Saying that they never   used them

Unless crocheted of red with yellow spots.
So the silly little kittens Took their blue and white striped   mittens

To a Bear who lived within a hollow tree;

The   Bear responded sadly,

“I would wear your mittens gladly,

But I fear they are too gay for such as me.”
Then the kittens,   almost weeping,

Came to where a Cow lay sleeping,

And   they woke her with this piteous request,

“Won’t you wear our mittens   furry?” Said the Cow,

“My dears, don’t worry;

I will   put them on as soon as I am dressed.”
Then the Cow put on her   bonnet With a wreath of roses on it,

And a beautiful   mantilla fringed with white;

And she donned the pretty mittens,

While the silly little kittens

Clapped their paws in   admiration.

Our week for our activities we had another dance party. The dance party filled our large motor requirements and for our fine motor skill we made a trail mix. I set out bowls with different dry foods and the kids used spoons, measuring cups, and tongs in order to get the treats into their bags. After they were done we had our snack before our craft.

Our craft this week was a leaf rubbing. This craft is so simple yet the kids really enjoyed it!  What you will need is a piece of white or light colored paper, crayons, and an assortment of leaves.

All you do for this craft is take the leaf, place them under the paper, and lightly rub the crayon over the are of the leaf. Keep the crayon going in one direction. To make the craft brighter, do each leaf in a different crayon color.

An alternative to the crayons is to paint the leaf with a washable paint and use the leafs as stamps.


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