Blast Off!!

This week for storytime, in the spirit of Independence Day, we had a firework, rocket ship, star theme. Our books included: There Was A  Bold Lady Who Wanted A Star by Charise Harper, Hurray for the Fourth of July by Wendy Watson, and How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers.








Our songs this week were:

One Huge Firework!

One huge firework
Looking rather dull and blue.
Then it went WHOOSH
And how the sparks flew!
Red and green and gold stars
Falling through the sky.
Ending eith a great big bang
And then a little ss-sigh.

Little Rocket

(Tune: “I’m a Little Teapot”)

I’m a little rocket pointing at the moon.

( Raise arms above head and fingers tips touching)

Now I’m getting fueled up

(Wiggle hips)

We’ll be ready soon.

(Stand up straight and tall)

When it’s time to board me, then I’ll say

(Slowly bend knees and crouch down – arms still

above head)

Blast off! Zoom! We’re on our way.

(Jump up and shout!)

For our craft this week we made fireworks pictures. The craft is a little messy so it’s best to do it in a non-carpeted space. What you will need is black paper, q-tips, glue, and Crayola powder paint.

Begin by cutting the q-tips in half and place them in a baggie with the carious powder paint colors. Shake them until the q-tips hold the color of the powder. Next arrange the q-tips in a starburst pattern. Once you have them in the desired design you can glue them down. The powder from the q-tips will transfer to the paper and will resemble the sparkles from the fireworks! What a cool idea!


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