Pirates Are Taking Over The Library

Our summer reading program is officially over and here at the Kendallville Public Library we are getting back into our usual routine. We will be going back to our monthly themes. To kick off our return we are having the theme of pirates! Our  books this week were: How I Became A Pirate by Melinda Long,  This Little Pirate byPhilomen Sturges,

Pirates are a great theme to use for an entire month because there are so many great books on the topic.


We only had one song this week and it was the award-winning song “Blackbeard, Bluebeard, Redbeard” by Eric Hurman and the Invisible Band.

“Blackbeard, Bluebeard, Redbeard”

Blackbeard and Bluebeard and Redbeard, they say Hijacked a ship and went sailing away Seaward they scudded and skipped on the breeze But couldn’t find treasure to plunder and seize

And a pirate without treasure is like a monkey without a spatula…

So Bluebeard said, “Since we’ve nothing to do Why don’t we paint our new pirate ship blue? Blue for the poop deck. Blue for the sails Blue for the rudder, the riggings and the rails.”

And he sang, “Yo ho ho, let’s paint the ship blue No other color’s as trusty and true As sure as I sail by the Northern star, blue’s the most beautiful color. Arrrr!”

Redbeard spoke up, saying, “Aye, but instead wouldn’t ye rather we painted her red? Red for the cannons and the sodey-pop kegs Red for our eye-patches, parrots and pegs.” (Parrot) Rawk! Pegleg.

And he sang, “Yo ho ho, nothing’s quite like red It’s fearsome and fiery and fills men with dread As sure as I sail by the Northern star, red’s the most radiant color. Arrr!”

“Blackbeard said, “Blimey! You’re both off the track. Let’s paint it something more handsome, like black.” “Blue!” shouted Bluebeard, and Redbeard yelled, “Red!” Blackbeard said, “Black! Are you cracked in the head?”

And he sang, “Yo ho ho, give me deep, dark black from starboard to port, from the front to the back. As sure as I sail by the Northern star, black’s a spectacular color. Arrr!”

Redbeard grabbed brushes and buckets and paints Over his shipmates insistent complaints. Rather than letting him paint the ship red, They got some blue paint and black paint instead.

Swiftly the three of them painted their boat, each a completely dissimilar coat, Making a color not red, black or blue; Mixing, instead, an entirely new hue.

That was the last that was seen of the three Simply because they refused to agree. They weren’t torpedoed or shelled or harpooned. They just disappeared, for their ship was marooned.

And sometimes on a foggy night at sea, you can still hear them singin’…

“Yo ho ho and a bottle of pop We painted our ship from the bottom to the top. As sure as we sail by the Northern star (Bluebeard) Blue’s the most beautiful… (Redbeard) No! Red’s the most radiant! (Blackbeard) What? Black’s the most spectacular color! (Parrot) Rawk. How about yellow? (Blackbeard, Bluebeard and Redbeard) Arrrr!”


Activities for pirate themes are limitless! This week we did a buried treasure dig. Take plastic jewelry from the dolor store, fake coins, and whatever looks like treasure and bury it in sand. Have the kids search through the sand to find the treasure. If you are worried the sand will be too messy you can do a treasure map and have the kids search for the buried treasure. Decorate an old shoebox to look like a treasure chest and fill the box with items that the kids would like (coins for piggy banks, a ticket to go to the park or somewhere they enjoy, a free pass for cleaning their room, snacks, and small trinkets).


We actually had two crafts this week. There are so many great pirate crafts that we didn’t want to let any go to waste. Therefor we had to cram them all into a months storytime. Our crafts this week were two things all great pirates need…a trusty parrot and a sword!

First we made our parrot. Find a parrot color page from google that you like. I searched “Pirate Parrot Color Page” for my parrot. Have the kids color the parrot and remind them that parrots are bright and all different colors. The brighter the better! Next have them cut out their parrot. Take fake feathers and glue them onto the color page to make the trusty companion look more like a real bird. Lastly, take a safety-pin and pin the parrot to the child’s shirt. Try to place it on the shoulder.

We did our sword last because I knew that it would distract the kids from their parrot if we made them first. The swords are extremely easy to make and all the supplies are around your house. You will need a single full-page of the newspaper, a piece of black paper, and a few strips of tape. First lay the page from the newspaper on a flat surface. Take one corner and fold it in to the crease. With that new flat side, start to roll the paper keeping it tight. Try to roll the paper so that one side comes to a point and the other is wider. After rolling the entire page secure it with a piece of tape. Next take the black paper and cut out a circle that is four to five inches wide. Cut and x in the center of the black piece large enough for the paper tube to slide through. Next fold four inches of the wide part of the tube over and tape it in place. This will make a loop handle for the sword. Lastly, slide the black paper over the tip of the sword and put it over the taped piece. Secure this with tape as well.




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