Arrrr You Ready for Another Week of Pirates?

This week we continued our pirate theme. You may find it hard to believe that we can do a month of pirates without it being redundant or tedious but believe me, it is easy. There is so much material out there that makes pirates both easy and enjoyable. Our books this week were: Pirates Don’t Take Baths by John Segal, Sailor Moo by Ponder Goembel, and The Treasure by Susan Yost-Filgate.

Our songs this week were:

5 Pirates on a Treasure Chest

Five pirates on a treasure chest

One fell off and four were left.

Four little pirates on a  treasure chest

One fell off and three were left.

Three pirates on a treasure chest

One jumped off and two were left.

Two little pirates on a treasure chest

One climbed down and non were left.

With no more pirates on the treasure chest

I declare that it’s all mine!!!

Take Me Out to the Ocean

Take me out to the ocean

Take me out to the sea

There goes a starfish and sea urchins

I’m having such fun

I’ve got to holler

Oh, it’s a swim, swim, swim underwater

Catch a ride on a whale, don’t fear

For the sea animals are our friends

For our activities we had the kids walk the plank. We put a long strip of brown paper down on the floor and we colored 10 foot prints onto it. The kids walked the plank and counted with each step. At the end of the plank they had to jump off. Get the kids excited by showing them how it’s done and be silly. If you show them that you can be silly they will feel more comfortable doing so and they will have more fun.

Our crafts this week were a treasure chest color page and an eye patch.

First we made the eye patch. We used black foam sheets that you can get in the craft department at any store. Cute out an oval shape and use a pencil or skinny object to poke a hole through. Then simply use yarn or string of some sort to size the eye patch to the child’s head.

Once they had their eye patch we decided that every pirate needs treasure so we made our own treasure chests. Print out the color page and let them color it to their liking. After we were done coloring I asked the kids what was wrong with their chests. I said they’re empty! We have to fill them. I gave them beads, buttons, sequence, pasta shells…Let them decide what their treasure will be.


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