Pirates Plunder Storytime

We are almost finished with our pirate theme storytime. Our stories this week were: Half-Pint Pete the Pirate Captain by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen, Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs by Giles Andreae  Pirates Next Door by Johnny Duddle.

Our songs this week were:

Ten little pirates stand in a row,
(both hands up, fingers raised)
They all bow down to the captain, so!
(bend fingers down and up)
They march to the left,
(move hands to the left)
They march to the right.
(move hands to the right)
They shout “Yo Ho!”
(cup mouth in shouting motion)
And give their captain a fright!
(cover mouth as if frightened)

The pirates are creeping, sh-h-h! (Walk fingers of rt hand up lt forearm; make shushing
The pirates are creeping, sh-h-h! (Repeat)
They don’t make a sound. (Shake head “no”)
As their feet touch the ground, (Pick up feet and touch them to ground)
The pirates are creeping, sh-h-h! (Repeat first instructions)


Our activities this week included a treasure dig and a making a spy glass.

For the treasure dig we buried all kinds of things in a big tub of sand. The kids had to use their hands to search for the items. My recommendation for this is if you use sand from a natural source (beach or lake) sift it to eliminate all of the sharp pieces of wood, rocks, or anything you wouldn’t want the kids getting ahold of.

The spyglass is also a fun activity to do with the kids. It is so simple and the kids have fun with it all day. Take an old paper towel roll and cover it in tissue paper. Attach it with glue stick. The tissue paper lays down nicely so you don’t have to worry about things lining up. It makes it possible for the kids to apply it themselves. Next glue on jewels, beads, string, or anything you have around the house that can embellish it.

Our craft this week was a pirate hook. Every week I try to add a pirate necessity. So far we have a parrot, a sword, an eye patch, a spy glass, and treasure. Our next necessity was a hook for a hand!

What you will need for the craft is: a plastic cup, aluminum foil, a pointy object, tissue paper, glue stick, and decorating supplies (jewels, yarn, ribbons, etc.). Begin by poking a small hole int he bottom of the cup. I recommend this be done by an adult. Next have the kids cover their cup with the color of tissue paper they like. After that is complete they can embellish their cup with ribbons, jewels, or whatever is at your disposal. Lastly, take a strip of aluminum foil (only 1 foot is necessary) and roll it up. After you roll it up you are going to twist it from end to end. This makes the hook sturdier when you bend it into shape. After you have the shape you want, stick one end through the hole in the cup and secure it on the inside with tape.


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