After Christmas, what would you guess is the top holiday among kids? Halloween of course!! Free candy, dressing up, and staying up late. How could it not be? We are all a bunch of kids here at the library because we can’t wait to start our Halloween theme story time. Our stories for the first week were: I’m Looking for a Monster by Timothy Young, Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin by Tad Hills, and The Witch with a Twitch by Lyn Marlow. 



















The songs we did this week were:

Oh! Did you see?

Oh! Did you see?
What could it be?
Hiding behind the old maple tree!
Up in the sky,
Shadows float by,
Making the eeriest, mournful cry!
It’s Hallowe’en! It’s Hallowe’en!
This is the night ghosts will be seen!
It’s Hallowe’en! It’s Hallowe’en!
This is the night ghosts will be seen!

Oh, dear! Oh, dear!
Witches I hear,
Coming to do their black deeds, I fear!
See them ride by,
Flying so high,
Perched on their broomsticks, I hear them cry:
“It’s Hallowe’en! It’s Hallowe’en!
This is the night ghosts will be seen!
It’s Hallowe’en! It’s Hallowe’en!
This is the night ghosts will be seen!”


Five Little Pumpkins

Five little pumpkins
Sitting on a gate
The first one said,
“Oh, my, it’s half past eight!”
The second one said,
“There are witches in the air!”
The third one said,
“Good folk, beware!”
The fourth one said,
“We’ll run and run and run!”
The fifth one said,
“Let’s have some fun!”
OOOOOOOH, went the wind
And OUT went the light
And the five little pumpkins
Rolled out of sight


This week for our small motor and large motor activity we made a giant pumpkin puzzle. We purchased a puzzle with giant pieces, that was the shape of a pumpkin. Each of the kids was given a piece and told to decorate it however they wanted. Once the kids were done decorating their pieces they put it together as a group. They had to interact with one another in order to get the puzzle together. I found that it’s more fun to let them decorate the pieces without telling them what it will be. When the pumpkin starts to take shape they get so excited!


Our craft this week was a jack ‘o’ lantern. Our supplies were minimal. We used a paper plate, crayons, glue, black paper, and any other decorations you think would be fun.

First take your paper plate and color the entire front orange (or the color they think it should be…there were a lot of blue pumpkins) After they are finished coloring it ask what face the pumpkin should make. Cut out triangles, ovals, and a crescent for the face and glue them into place. If the craft is a little plain for your taste you can accent the pumpkin with ribbons, glitter, or leaves.


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