It’s Creepy Critter Month at the Library!

This month in story time we will be having a creepy critter theme. The great thing about this months theme is that all of the books are comical and really entertain the kids. The books for this week were: Never Take a Shark to the Dentist by Judi Barrett, Guess Again by Mac Barnet, and Have You Seen A Sn

eep? by Tasha Pym and Joel Stewart.




















I read the Guess Again book last because it had the kids so baffled that it created a short break. The kids were calm, quiet, and pondering. It helped transition into our activities.


Instead of having activities this week we did 30 minutes of dancing to Jim Gill Songs. This gets the kids moving, excited, and it also helps them pick up on verbal ques because the songs are all directed. The kids always look forward to dance week.


Our craft this week was a critter cup. I gave the kids a paper cup, glue, tissue paper, crayons, pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes, pom poms, and I let them create their own creepy critter. The outcome was awesome! There were no two critters alike and the kids loved being able to do their own thing.

To expand time on the craft I had the kids begin by coloring the cups both inside and out. Next I had them take strips of tissue paper and cover their cup. It’s alright if there are big clumps, care spots, spots sticking up because its a creepy critter. It gives it more personality. Next I poked a hole in the top of the cups so the kids could make a loop out of their pipe cleaner and stick it in as a antenna. The finished by adding as many eyes as they want and adding a giant pom pom.


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