Merry Christmas To All…

This is our last story time of 2012. We will be closed on Christmas day and also New Years Day. Our story time focused on one particular big guy. That right, you know him as old Saint Nick. Our stories this week were:











We had our dance party this week with our favorite singer Jim Gill. We of course did “Spaghetti Legs”, “Silly Dance Contest”, and “poison Ivy”. The kids were up dancing and loving it.


Our craft this week was to make Christmas cards for those special adults in our lives. Popular recipients were mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa. Even big sisters earned a few. I gave the kids assorted paper and I gave them the works of craft supplies. There was: crayons, pom poms, glitter, sequence, paint, string, buttons, and more. The most popular card was a reindeer hand print.



While we are gone for two weeks we want to ensure that the kids have a memorable, crafty holiday so here are some additional craft ideas to pass the time.











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