Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!!!

This month at the Kendallville Public Library we will be talking about the ABC’s. It is impossible to do the alphabet without doing the classic Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. We had so many amazing books to choose from this month but we narrowed our search down to three titles: ABC Penguines by Kevin Schafer , Z is for Moose by Kelly Bingham and Paul Zelinsky, and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr and John Archambault .


Our songs this week were:

The Alphabet Song

‘a’ – you’re adorable
‘b’ – you’re so beautiful
‘c’ – you’re so cute and full of charm
‘d’ – you’re a darling
‘e’ – you’re exciting
‘f’ – you’re a feather in my arms
‘g’ – you’re so good to me
‘h’ – you’re so heavenly
‘i’ – you’re the ‘i’ that idolize
‘j’ – we’re like jack and jill
‘k’ – you’re so kissable
‘l’ – you’re the lovelife in my eye
‘m’,’n’,’o’,’p’ I could go on all day
‘q’,’r’,’s’,’t’ alphabetically speaking, you’re okay
‘u’ – make my life complete
‘v’ – makes you very sweet

It’s fun to wander through the alphabet with you
To tell you what it means to me

Letters & Rhymes

(this poem can be drawn out)

I saw a little mouse
Who found a place to hide
Beneath a letter K
Turned over on its side.

I saw a hungry fish
With a mouth shaped like a C.
It was about to catch
A swimming letter D.

I saw a snake whose shape
Was like S’s end to end.
It was wearing a big smile,
So I guess it was a friend.

I saw a funny owl
With letter O’s for eyes.
Its beak was like a V,
And it really looked quite wise.

I saw a little kitten
With a tail shaped like a C.
It was having fun
Sitting on a T.

I saw a little man
Whose hair was quite a mess.
And every hair he had
Looked like the letter S.

I saw two D’s turned over
To form two turtle shells.
The turtles both were walking
On legs like letter L’s.

I saw a funny face
With a big L for a nose.
The mouth looked like a U,
And the eyes were made of O’s.

I saw an alligator
With looks so fierce they’d trouble you.

It had short legs and little eyes
And teeth like M and W.

I saw a two-humped camel
With a big M for a back.
It was walking near
A little railroad track.

I saw a lady in a hat
Like a U turned upside down.
The hat was very tight,
And it made the lady frown.

I saw an elephant
Standing on same hay.
Its ear looked like a C,
And its trunk, a backwards J.

I saw a spotted bug
With a body made of O’s.
It had long, skinny legs,
And feet with many toes.

I saw a happy clown
With a big A for a hat.
It had a funny collar,
And a nose that was quite fat.

I saw a pretty flower
With petals made of V’s
It had a crooked stem
And leaves like C’s and D’s.

I saw a little chair
Made from the letter L.
It had letter I’s for legs,
And was really made quite well.


Our craft this week was a collage of the first letter of our names. What you will need is: colored paper, glue, crayons, and any other decorating supplies (sequence, buttons, glitter). By doing a large letter in their first name we are helping them recognize the beginning of their name. This will help them in preschool.




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