We completed our ABC month this week at the library. Our Stories were: Wink the Ninja Who Wanted to Nap by J.C. Phillipps, Nighttime Ninja by B. DaCosta, and Charlie Cook’s Favorite Book by J. Donaldson. While these stories didn’t pertain to the alphabet we tied it together with our craft. 



We started doing books other than ABC’s because the kids were starting to get a little bored with the theme. The topic of ninjas and adventure always perks them right up again. All of the books are about friendly ninjas who perform in front of crowds and people who seek adventured through books.


We danced this week which was our musical portion of the story time. We always listen to Jim Gill but some other artist are:

Top 10 Children’s Artist

1. Pete Seeger

2.Ella Jenkins

3. Laurie Berkner

4. Dan Zanes

5. Bill Harley

6. Greg & Steve

7. They Might Be Giants

8. Steve Blunt

9. Jim Gill

10. Jessica Harper


Our craft this week was both simple and fun. We took a letter of our choice and we transformed that plain letter into an object that started with that letter. N’s were ninjas, M’s were mermaids and monster trucks, P’s were parrots, and so on and so forth. To make things easier, before we started the craft we all thought about what starts with the letters we chose. We made a list and that way everyone had an idea of what they could create. 



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