Farm Animals Are Up to No Good

This week in story time we read books about different farm animals. Our books were Dooby Dooby Moo, Giggle Giggle Quack, and Duck on a Bike. All three books are among my favorites! The farm animals in theses stories are clever and always up to no good.


We were dancing machines in story time this week with out favorite Jim Gill songs. The kids have probably heard the songs 50 times and they only get more and more excited when they hear them. The songs are great and now that the music is familiar to them they know what to expect and they know what dances to do. Just that gets them very excited and participating. If you play music for dancing my biggest suggestion right off the bat is to dance like crazy. I mean no dignity, silly faces, being as goofy as you can dancing. The kids can feel if you are self conscious. If you are then they will be too and they won’t enjoy it.

Instead of a farm theme craft we did a St. Patrick’s day craft. It was multi-purpose because it served as a craft and also as a small motor skill and a sensory activity. I put out bowls of all the rainbow colors with paintbrushes. The kids first drew their pot of gold in the bottom with crayon. We wrote out names on the back and they it was time to push up our sleeves. The kids went color by color, painting their hand, and making a print on the paper. My recommendation would be to wipe off the extra paint before applying another color. In the end the craft turned out great and we had many excited kids!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!



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