A Pig With a Plan

This week, we kicked off story time with Ethan Long’s Pig Has a Plan, about a sleepy pig whose plans for a nap are foiled again and again by his noisy barnyard friends. We also read David Catrow’s The Fly Flew In, the story of an adventurous insect who causes chaos wherever he goes. Our third story was Joanna Walsh’s The Perfect Hug, about a panda bear’s search for a hug that is just right for him.

After the stories, we practiced our animal movements:

“Hop Like a Bunny”
Hop like a bunny.
(hop with feet together)
Run like a dog.
(walk on hands and knees)
Walk like an elephant.
(hold one arm in front like a trunk, and sway back and forth)
Jump like a frog.
(squat down with hands on floor and hop)
Swim like a goldfish.
(hold palms together and move hands in swimming motion)
Fly like a bird.
(flap arms up and down)
Then sit right down
And don’t say a single word.
(sit down on floor or chair)

This week, we danced to two Jim Gill songs, “The Tempo Marches On,” and “Jump Up, Turn Around.” We followed up with several rolls of the exercise dice. We did jumping jacks, knee bends, arm circles, and push-ups.

Our last story was There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly by Simms Taback.

A lot of the kids were familiar with the story already, and they had fun guessing which animal the old lady would swallow next. As we read, they took turns “feeding” stuffed animals into a puppet of the old lady.

We made our own old lady puppets during craft time:

Old Lady Puppet

The paper animals can be stuck in the paper bag as if the old lady were eating them. They’re easily rescued by emptying the bag again.

Join us next week when we learn about manners!


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