Tails Are Not for Pulling

This month’s story time theme is manners, and this week we talked about using good manners with pets. We learned about how to treat dogs nicely in Elizabeth Verdick’s Tails Are Not for Pulling. We also learned that sometimes animals get scared, and we have to give them space. Our second book was My Dog Never Says Please by Suzanne Williams, the story of a girl who decides to live like a dog and finds out it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be.

After our stories, we danced to two Jim Gill songs, “Hands Are for Clapping” and “Silly Dance Contest.”

To work on their motor skills, the kids went digging for little toy bears in sand. Some of them used shovels, some used sifters, and some used their bare hands. They also found some seashells and pebbles hidden in with the bears.

Our craft this week was a very long dog:

Dog Craft

The template for the dog’s head and tail are available at CraftScope. The template includes a separate ear piece that can be attached to the head with a brad, making it possible to move the ear back and forth.

Next week, we’ll be learning about table manners. Hope to see you there!


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