How to Potty Train Your Monster

Today we finished our unit on manners by learning about monster etiquette. Our first book was Kelly DiPuccio’s How to Potty Train Your Monster. This book, which features adorable and colorful illustrations by Michael Moon, teaches children the 10 essential rules for monster potty training. Our second book was Little Dinos Don’t Bite by Michael Dahl, in which the narrator teaches Little Dino what he should bite (snacks) and what he shouldn’t bite (his mother).

We danced to “The Tempo Marches On” after our stories. By the end of the song, the kids were marching so fast, they were almost out of breath. They had just enough energy to roll the exercise dice a few times before we took a break for playtime, where they built their own monster using parts from a kit.

We did a short puppet play about monsters before we moved on:

Five little monsters sitting on the floor
The red one said, “Let’s knock on someone’s door.”
The green one said, “Let’s act a little scary.”
The yellow one said, “Why are we so hairy?”
The purple one said, “I hear a funny sound.”
The blue one said, “There’s no one else around.”
Then “WHOOSH” went the wind and “EEK!” someone said
So the five little monsters ran under the bed.

We made knocking noises, scary faces, and funny sounds, and at the end of the rhyme we put the scared little monster puppets into a pile.

Our craft this week was fun, easy, and let the kids unleash their imaginations and creativity:


The templates to make these creatures are available for free at the website for David Fickling Books. You can also find other monster-related printables there.

10/16/2013: It looks like the publisher no longer has the templates on their website. Here the copies I used: Make Your Own Monster.

Next week, we’ll start our unit on movement. Hope to see you there!


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