This month we started a new story time unit about movement. Today, we read two stories that focused on the many different ways that animals can move. The first was Eric Carle’s From Head to Toe. This book asked the children if they could mimic the movements made by different wild animals, so we thumped our chests like gorillas and clapped our hands like seals. Our second book was Move! by Robin Page and Steve Jenkins, which features lovely pictures and text that swirls around the page to mimic movement.

After our we read, the kids got a chance to move themselves as we danced to Jim Gill’s “Jump Up, Turn Around.” Jim Gill’s songs are extremely popular with the kids. What’s great about his music is that it involves the kids in the song, giving them instructions and asking them to dance in different ways.

We followed up our dance break with a few rolls of the exercise dice and some free time to play with Play-Doh.

We made a paper bag kite this week for our craft:

Paper Bag Kite

To make the kite, I used a paper hole punch twice on the bottom of the bag. The hole should go through two layers of paper. The kids colored and decorated their bags with crayons and stickers, then I threaded each end of the string through the holes and tied them together. The kids then added streamers, taping (or gluing) them inside the opening of the bag. I didn’t get a chance to see the kites in action outside, but the kids had fun just twirling around the room and watching the streamers dance behind them.

Next week, we’ll continue to read about movement. Join us!


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