Giraffes Can’t Dance

We continued learning about movement this week with two stories about wild animals. Our first story was Jane Yolen’s Sad, Mad, Glad Hippos, which is about a group of very bored hippos and how they act out being sad, mad, and glad in the course of an afternoon. Our second book was Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae, which tells the story of how Gerald the giraffe learns to dance by finding his own music.

This week’s songs were “Jump Up, Turn Around” and “Silly Dance Contest,” both by Jim Gill.

For our large motor skills activity, we fed a hippo. I placed a canvas storage bag on the floor and taped a picture of a hippo’s face to it. In front of the box, I put down three lines of duct tape in different colors, so the kids would know where they could stand. Next, I passed out stuffed toys made to look like fruits and vegetables. Each child took a turn throwing a piece of food into the hungry hippo’s mouth.

For our fine motor skills activity, each child took a turn fishing with a magnetic fishing rod in a small bucket filled with water. We made quite a mess by the time we were done, but the kids became expert fish-catchers.

Our craft this week was a hippo swimming underwater:

Hippo Craft

We started by coloring our underwater scene, which can be found at Coloring Pages ABC. We colored and cut out our hippo, which I found at Open Clip Art.The kids glued the hippo wherever they wanted. For my sample, I layered a sheet of blue tissue paper over the page to add a blue tint. We skipped the tissue paper covering during story time to make the craft easier and less messy, but it adds a nice effect if you choose to use it.

Next week, we continue our unit on movement. Hope to see you there!


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