Let’s Go For a Drive!

This week we read about objects that move: trains, cars, planes, and buses. Both of our stories this week were by author and illustrator Mo Willems. Our first book was The Pigeon Loves Things That Go!. This board book is rather short, but it provides lots of opportunities to ask questions and get the kids involved with the story (Where does a bus take you? Have you ever been on an airplane?). Our second book was Let’s Go For a Drive!. Elephant and Piggie decide to go for a drive, but first they have to gather everything they might need on a drive. Will they find everything or will they have to cancel their plans?

After the stories, we danced to Jim Gill’s “Jump Up, Turn Around” and “The Tempo Marches On.”

After dancing, the kids played with an assortment of toy cars on a rug with roads and signs on it. Some of them also used blocks to build bridges and buildings for the cars to zoom past.

For our craft, we made a pretend hot air balloon:

Hot Air Balloon Craft

We decorated our paper plates and balloons with markers and stickers (paint would work as well), and then we taped two short ribbons to the plate and to the basket. Another length of ribbon can be threaded through a hole in the paper plate and tied to make a loop for hanging on the ceiling.

Join us next week when we kick off a new story time theme!


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