Nugget and Fang

Summer story time is here!

Our theme this week was the beach. We read two books, Under the Sea by Anna Milbourne and Nugget and Fang by Tammi Sauer. Under the Sea is a journey through the ocean, from the boats that float on the surface all the the way to the creatures who lurk at the bottom of the sea. It has gorgeous illustrations by Cathy Shimmen, and it even features some ocean animals that most of the kids hadn’t heard of (they especially liked the sea cows).

Nugget and Fang also has great illustrations. It’s filled with bright, colorful under the sea pictures by Michael Slack. It tells the story of a minnow named Nugget and his unlikely best friend, a great big shark named Fang. But when Nugget starts Minnow school, he is taught that sharks are bad and toothy and dangerous. Nugget decides that he and Fang cannot be friends anymore. Will they be able to mend their friendship?

We danced to Jim Gill’s “Silly Dance Contest” this week. The kids also had some free time to play with different toys and games set out in the room.

Our craft this week was a jellyfish:

We made our jellyfish by coloring a coffee filter with markers. It works best if all or most of the coffee filter is colored-in solidly. Then, we put a plain coffee filter under our colored coffee filter. We put both on a disposable tablecloth (a paper towel would work just as well) and then we blotted the colored coffee filter with a damp sponge (you could also lightly mist it with a spray bottle).

After the coffee filters were dry, we stapled them together at the rim, leaving an opening. We stuffed the jellyfish with balled-up tissue paper, then we stapled the opening shut. We glued tissue paper streamers on the bottom coffee filter for the jellyfish’s tentacles. You can also glue a streamer (or a piece of string) on top to hang it from the ceiling.


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