Worms for Lunch

Our theme for this week was worms! Our first book was Ralph Tells a Story by Abby Hanlon. Ralph is embarrassed because he can’t think of a good story to tell in front of his class. But with the help of his friend, he comes up with an idea: write a story about a worm he once saw. Our second book was Worms for Lunch! by Leonid Gore. In this book, different animals share their idea of a perfect meal. Which one of them prefers worms?

Our dances this week were “The Tempo Marches On” and “Spaghetti Legs,” both by Jim Gill.

After the songs, the kids made worms and other creations out of Play-Doh.

We also went digging for (pretend) worms! I cut lengths of thick, sturdy craft string and put them in small disposable containers. I covered them with shaving cream and then mixed them all together. I told the kids to pretend that they were birds hunting for worms. I gave them small yellow clothespins to use as their beaks.

An alternate (and delicious) version of this activity could be done using gummy worms and Cool Whip.

Our craft this week was very simple worm made of beads strung onto a pipe cleaner:

Bead Worm

Join us next week when we learn about rocks!


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