Fabulous Fair Week

This week we celebrated the county fair with two books about all the food, games, and fun that can be found there. Our first book was Debra Frasier’s A Fabulous Fair Alphabet. Our second was Valeri Gorbachev’s
Molly Who Flew Away, which is about how one mouse’s plan to buy her friends balloons at the fair goes awry.

We skipped dancing this week and exercised instead. We chose different exercises (arm circles, push-ups, jumping jacks, leg lifts, etc.) and then rolled a large soft die to decide how many of each we would do.

Our next activity was a homemade version of a classic fair game. I filled several small clear plastic bottles with water, glitter, beads, and food coloring. I stacked them in a pyramid shape and let the kids roll a bouncy ball at them. I got the idea for this at Prudent Baby, where you can find detailed instructions on how to make the game yourself (including super cute homemade felt beanbags!).

After everyone had taken a turn, I let them play with Play-Doh. Then we started our craft.

In keeping with the fair theme, this week we made cotton candy/ice cream:

Cotton Candy

We made our pretend treats using shaving cream paint. I sprayed a small tray with a layer of shaving cream, then sprinkled a few drops of food coloring on top. I swirled it through using a plastic knife. Don’t mix it together too much or you’ll lose the effect of the colors swirling. There are detailed instructions with photos available at Gummy Lump Toys Blog.

Join us next week for dinosaurs!


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