Bears on Chairs

We started story time this week with a flannel board version of Todd H. Doodler’s What Color is Bear’s Underwear?, about a bear with different colored underwear for every day of the week.  We also read two books by Shirley Parenteau, Bears on Chairs and Bears in Beds both with adorable, pastel-colored illustrations by David Walker. Both books are told in simple rhyme, and they emphasize the importance of sharing and taking care of one another. It also allows the children to use their counting skills (how many chairs are there? how many bears?) and their ability to judge size (is that chair big enough for Big Brown Bear?).

We played Jim Gill’s Silly Dance Contest, then we broke up into different stations.

Station 1: Yellow flubber and a bowl of small plastic bears to play with or hide.

Station 2: Small plastic bears hidden in colored rice, with tongs and bowls to sort them by color.

Station 3: A teddy bear puzzle that allowed the kids to mix and match different faces, tops, bottoms, and shoes.

Station 4: A teddy bear picture and dot markers to color it with.

Join us next week for more bear stories!


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