No Bears

We started story time this week with David Horvath’s Bossy Bear, about a very bossy little blue bear who finds himself awfully lonely after chasing all his friends away. Our second story was No Bears by Meg McKinlay. A little girl named Ella wants to tell a fairy tale, but she has one very strict rule: no bears. So what happens when a well-meaning but curious bear intrudes on her story? After our books, we did the flannel board story from last week, What Color is Bear’s Underwear? by Todd H. Doodler.

The kids then broke up into small groups and went to the different stations I had set up:

Station 1: Paper and paints.

Station 2: A beanbag toss game with plush fruits and vegetables to throw into a pretend bear’s mouth

Station 3: The color sorting game with plastic bears and rainbow rice.

Station 4: Sun-catchers in the shape of bears.

Teddy Bear Suncatchers
I used the instructions from Kinder-Craze, but I made a teddy bear shape instead of a circle.

We’ll finish up bear story time next week!


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