Orange Pear Apple Bear

We finished our bears theme with two super cute stories. The first was Orange Pear Apple Bear, written and illustrated by Emily Gravett. The story is told using only the words in the title (plus one more at the very end). It’s fun to read aloud, and the kids started anticipating the rhymes ahead of time and repeating the phrases I was reading. The pictures are beautiful watercolors, and the colors are warm and sunny. This one became a new favorite of mine.

We followed with Neil Gaiman’s Chu’s Day, about a little panda named Chu who causes chaos whenever he sneezes. The kids had tremendous fun making sneezing noises all the way through the book. This is another book with stunning illustrations, this time by Adam Rex. The colors are rich and warm, and every page is filled with little details. This one also became a new favorite.

After our stories, we worked on our gross motor skills by using the exercise dice, a soft, oversized dice with different exercises written on each side. The kids took turns rolling it and deciding how many of each exercise we had to do.

Station 1: I set out paper, water, paintbrushes, and paint smocks. I let the kids paint whatever they wanted, but I only gave them the colors from Orange Pear Apple Bear: orange, green, and red.

Station 2: I set out a puzzle box where the kids could pick different faces and outfits for three bears. I also set out a lacing activity beside it.

Station 3: I put out the colored rice with the little bears for the kids to pick up and sort by color.

Station 4: I put out the supplies to make a panda:

Panda Craft

I made a quick template for the panda’s body, then I cut it out and glued it to the dark green paper. I used torn and cut paper for the bamboo and grass. The panda’s eye markings, ears, arms, and legs are all circles made with a circle punch. The nose was made with a small triangle punch. I used a black marker to make the panda’s mouth and the black fur below his chin. Googly eyes were the finishing touch.

Next month our theme is pets!


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