Creepy Carrots!

Happy Halloween! This week, we read spooky stories to celebrate the upcoming holiday. Our first story was Lois Elhert’s Boo to You!, about a group of mice who want to celebrate a bountiful harvest without attracting the attention of a rather scary black cat. Our second story was Creepy Carrots! by Aaron Reynolds. A bunny named Jasper loves to munch on carrots fresh from the field. One day the carrots hatch a plan to keep him out. Will it work? The wonderful illustrations by Peter Brown are in horror film black and white, with splashes of bright orange for the carrots.

After our stories, the kids were free to go to the different stations set up around the room:

Station 1: Spider web lacing game. I got this idea from Mom Endeavors. Use a hole punch to make holes around the edge of a paper plate. You can paint a spider on the plate or you can print a picture and paste it on. Then give the kids yarn that they can lace across the plate to trap the spider in the web.

Station 2: Trick or Treat coloring page and crayons. I used one from Spoonful, but there’s lots to choose from around the web.

Station 3: Pumpkin goo. I made Oobleck using a recipe from Science Bob’s Blog. I used liquid watercolor to turn it a nice pumpkin-y orange.

Station 4: Tape resistant art. This is an idea from Hands On as We Grow. Use painter’s tape to create either a simple design or a picture. Paint all over the paper, including over the tape. When the paint dries, peel the tape off. We did pumpkins:

Join us next week when we start our pets theme!


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