Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet

Pet story time began this week, and our first books were about some rather unusual pets. Paul Schmid’s A Pet for Petunia is about a little girl who LOVES skunks and would very much like to have one for a pet. Her parents say no, but she’s determined to have a skunk of her own. Kelly DiPuccio’sGilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet is about Gilbert the goldfish’s search for the perfect pet. This one features bright, colorful illustrations by Bob Shea.

After our stories, the kids were free to go to the different stations set up around the room:

Station 1: I made a batch of green Oobleck and put small plastic dogs, cats, and turtles in it. I mixed it all up so the toy animals were nice and messy, and next to it I had a big tub of soapy water and a spray bottle. The kids gave the animals a bath to get all the Oobleck off of them.

Station 2: Before the kids got there, I assembled a giant floor puzzle on the table. I used duct tape to outline the outside of the puzzle. I scrambled the pieces and let the kids put it together, using the duct tape border for guidance.

Station 3: I found a really cute craft at Paging Supermom!. I blew up a few colors of balloons and let the kids pick which one they wanted. They colored the template and cut out all the pieces. We taped the pieces to the balloons, and each child went home with a pet fish!

Balloon Fish

It would be really fun to do this with helium balloons and attach a piece of string like a leash.

Join us next week for more pet stories and activities!


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