Pick a Pup

This was our last week of pets story time, and we ended with two very cute books. Rod Campbell’s Dear Zoo is a lift-the-flap book about a child who writes to the zoo and asks them for a pet. The zoo sends several animals which are cleverly hidden behind cages, boxes, and baskets that flip to reveal their contents.

Our second book was Marsha Wilson Chall’s Pick a Pup, a sweet story about a boy who is not sure what kind of dog he wants or how he will be able to choose just one dog from the shelter. The descriptions of the different dogs are clever and inventive, and the text has a very pleasant sing-song quality. The illustrations by Jed Henry are incredibly cute.

After our stories, we explored the different stations set up around the room:

Station 1: Play-Doh and laminated Pets Playdough Mats from Twinkl (free registration required).

Station 2: Search & Find: Moo, Quack, Roar and More!Sort and Snap Color Match, and Froggy Feeding Fun.

Station 3: A thanksgiving craft based on an adorable turkey hat craft from Parents Magazine. We used construction paper instead of craft foam, left off the legs, and taped a popsicle stick to the turkey to make a puppet instead of a hat:

Turkey Craft

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Join us next week for the beginning of winter story time!


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