Bear Snores On

We started story time this week by repeating our rhyme about penguins:

Their suits are black,
Their vests are white,
They waddle to the left,
And they waddle to the right.

They stand on the ice,
They look very neat,
As they waddle along,
On their little flat feet.

After our rhyme, we read Snow Day by Patricia Lakin, about a group of crocodile friends who decide to go sledding one snowy morning. But when they’re all suited up and ready to go, they realize they’ve forgotten one thing: it’s a school day!

Our next book was Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson, about a hibernating brown bear whose cave looks awfully inviting to some of his friends in the forest. Will mouse, hare, and the others wake the bear up?

We played our animal dice again, using the die from last week with the “waddle like a penguin” instruction card. After that the kids were dismissed to their stations:

Station 1: Laminated Printable Roads from Picklebums and wooden vehicles.

Station 2: plastic animals hidden in colored rice, with tongs to fish them out.

Station 3: Christmas card making station.

Station 4: hibernating bear craft:


Hibernating Bear Craft


The bears are from illustrator Elizabeth O. Dulemba’s blog, and the forest scene is from KidsKat.

Next week, we’ll be reading more winter stories. Join us!


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