Tacky’s Christmas

We started story time by repeating our penguin rhyme:

Their suits are black,
Their vests are white,
They waddle to the left,
And they waddle to the right.

They stand on the ice,
They look very neat,
As they waddle along,
On their little flat feet.

After our rhyme, we read Tallulah’s Nutcracker by Marilyn Singer. Tallulah gets cast as a mouse in a big-time production of The Nutcracker ballet. She is confident she will be a better ballerina than anyone else on stage. But what happens when she trips on another mouse’s tail during the show? This book is illustrated by Alexandra Boiger, and every page is stunning, with soft, warm colors and beautiful lighting.

Tacky’s Christmas by Helen Lester was out next read. Tacky the penguin and his penguin friends Goodly, Lovely, Angel, Neatly, and Perfect are preparing for Christmas. The gifts are wrapped and the tree is decorated, but will their fun be spoiled by the big, bad hunters?

After our stories, we played Christmas bingo using a template I got from Artsy Fartsy Mama. We used small jingle bells for markers, just to make it extra festive.

After everyone had gotten at least one bingo, we dismissed to our stations:

Station 1: Christmas coloring pages and crayons.

Station 2: Play-Doh and Christmas-themed cookie cutters.

Station 3: ZOOBs.

Station 4: a Christmas tree ornament. Three Popsicle sticks were hot glued together in the shape of a triangle before story time started. The kids attached a small piece of brown construction paper to make the trunk. They colored the Popsicle sticks and decorated it with stickers. Then I tied strings on each kid’s ornament. They turned out really cute, but I don’t have a picture of them. I got the idea from A Homeschool Journey, though, and the author includes pictures of the process and the final product. It’s really easy and really fun.

No story time next week since we’ll be closed for the holidays. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!


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