Shapes that Roll

Story time is finally back! This month our theme is art, and this week we focused on shapes and where to find them.

We began by reciting “The Circle and Square Song” by Rita Gold:

This is a circle,
This is a square,
I can draw them in the air!

This is a circle,
This is a square,
I can draw them anywhere!

There’s something else that I can do
I can draw a triangle too!
I can draw one in the air,
I can draw one anywhere!

While I read the lyrics, we all traced the shapes in the air, counting the sides of the square and triangle as we went.

We read two books this week. Our first was a fun, short book by Suse MacDonald called Shape by Shape, about a mystery animal made of all kinds of shapes. Each page has cut-outs of new shapes, and when that page is turned more of the mystery animal’s face is uncovered. Our second book was Shapes That Roll by Karen Nagel. A square, a circle, and a triangle guide the reader through a world of shapes, exploring different qualities of different shapes (circles roll, but squares stack).

After our stories, we got out the exercise dice and got moving around a bit. Once everyone who wanted to throw the dice had had a turn, the children were allowed to go to the stations I had set up around the room.

Station 1: Giant beads and string for lacing.

Station 2: Tongs, a big bowl full of different colored beads, and small bowls to sort the beads in by color.

Station 3: Blank paper and crayons.

Station 4: Shape stickers to play with on the table:

Shape Stickers

I made these by following the tutorial on Mess For Less. Unfortunately, since the acrylic paint we have is not washable, I had to paint them instead of the kids. They enjoyed playing with the finished product, though.

Station 5: This was the color sorting game I made a few weeks ago. The kids really liked it, especially the older ones.

Next week we’ll continue our art theme!


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