Lots of Snow & One Book Recommendation

The weather remains pretty bad here, so no story time this week. I do have a book recommendation, though!

Mark Teague’s The Three Little Pigs and the Somewhat Bad Wolf is a twist on the classic story. Teague’s wolf is really only somewhat bad, but he is also very, very hungry. So when he stumbles upon three little houses smelling of pigs, he decides to blow their doors down.

The Three Little Pigs and the Somewhat Bad Wolf

This book is funny, smart, and an interesting take on a story we all grew up with. The illustrations, also by Teague, are colorful and full of details. The children I read it to really enjoyed finding the cat and the rooster, two silent characters who show up on nearly every page. They also had great fun huffing and puffing like the wolf. There’s a running theme of helping others and making responsible choices that many of them picked up on as well; one child pointed out that it was wrong of the first two pigs to watch the third do all the work without helping.

A good craft to do with this story is this printable page of finger puppets from Education.com. Free registration is required. I used a small circle punch to cut out the circles for fingers.

If the weather improves, we’ll be back on schedule next week!


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