I Stink!

We started story time this week with a rhyme:

I’m a choo-choo train
Chugging down the track.
First I go forward,
Then I go back.
Now my bell is ringing,
Hear my whistle blow.
What a lot of noise I make
Everywhere I go!

We followed our rhyme with two stories. The first was Marilyn Singer’s I’m Your Bus, about what a school bus does all day. The second was I Stink! by Kate and Jim McMullan, about a hungry garbage truck looking for trash to eat. The kids had a great time being grossed out by what the garbage truck liked to eat.

We got up and moving after the stories by dancing to “The Goldfish” by the Laurie Berkner Band.  After the song, we went to our stations:

Station 1:  Wooden cars and laminated printable roads from Picklebums.

Station 2: Foam blocks.

Station 3: Magna-Cars & Trucks from Lakeshore Learning.

Station 4:  Our craft this week was a messy, slimy garbage truck:

Garbage Truck Craft

The coloring page I used is from Thingkid.com, but there are lots of garbage truck coloring pages available online. Red Oak and White Oak Sanitation Services have a whole coloring book available (in the Printable Fun! link). We used paper and yarn for our “garbage.” The slime is half glue and half shaving cream with liquid watercolor added to make it green.

Join us next week for more stories about things that go!


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