Zoom, Rocket, Zoom!

We finished up our things that go story time unit this week. This time we read about some of the fastest, coolest things that go: rockets!

We started with a really fun and simple rhyme I found on Baby World Child Care Center‘s website:

Zoom, zoom, zoom, (rub hands)
I’m going to the moon! (fly hands upwards)
If you want to take a trip,
Climb aboard my rocket ship! (pretend to climb ladder)
Zoom, zoom, zoom, (rub hands)
We’re going to the moon! (fly hands upwards)

Our first book was Charise Mericle Harper’s There Was a Bold Lady Who Wanted a Star, a space-themed version of the classic There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. The bold lady in Harper’s story tries to reach a star using many many things, including new shoes and a pair of roller skates. Will she be successful? And why does she want a star so badly in the first place?

Our second book was Zoom, Rocket, Zoom! by Margret Mayo. This book explores all the different people, vehicles, and objects that make space exploration possible. What does a moon rover do? Where do astronauts live in space? This book answers those questions, and the bold and playful illustrations by Alex Ayliffe capture young readers’ attention.

After our stories, we tried a new music activity. I let each child pick a pair of rhythm sticks, and we sat on the floor and played “Tap Your Sticks” by Hap Palmer. This is a fantastic song that involves all kinds of actions with the rhythm sticks. The children really enjoyed it!

We did our craft next. This week we decided to build our own rocket ships:

Rocket Craft

When the top cup is pressed down and quickly released, the rocket soars into the air!

This craft is from Spoonful, although we made some small alterations. Instead of slitting and then taping the cups, we used a hole punch to make small holes below the rim. We also had extra large rubber bands, so we cut each band and then threaded the whole thing through the cup before tying the ends together:

Cup with Band

The rocket ship picture I used is from Coloring Crew, which is a great source for easy coloring pages.

After we were done with out rockets, the kids played with cars, a track, and foam blocks.

Next week we kick off farm story time. Hope to see you there!


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