A Pig Parade Is a Terrible Idea

This month we’ll be reading stories about farms and all the people and animals who live there. We started our first farm story time with a short rhyme called “Five Little Piggies,” which I found on the King County Library System wiki:

Five little piggies went walking into town, (hop fingers along)
Along came the wind (whooooosh) and knocked one down. (blow at fingers and bend one down)
“Oh my,” said the rest, “We must do our best
To keep from falling down.”

Repeat with four little piggies, three little piggies, etc.

After the very last piggie fell down, we decided that they were all rolling around in the mud, having fun even though the wind knocked them down.

Our first story this week was The Cow Loves Cookies by the fantastic Karma Wilson. The farmer in this story feeds all his animals the right food; hay for the horse, feed for the chickens, corn for the geese, etc. All except one: a cow who only likes to eat cookies. This book, like Wilson’s others, is a blast to read aloud.

Our second story was A Pig Parade Is a Terrible Idea by Michael Ian Black. This book, true to the title, tries to convince us that a pig parade is not as much fun as it sounds. The writing is hilarious, and parents will love it every bit as much as their kids. The illustrations by Kevin Hawkes are incredible, with vivid colors and funny little details (one page features a pig with his head through a drum in the background). The kids wanted to talk about every single picture and even asked me to go back to some of them again.

After the stories, we went to our stations:

Station 1: sorting game with plastic beads and animals in colored rice.
Station 2: color sorting game.
Station 3: crayons and coloring pages.
Station 4: a pig picture to paint!

Pig Craft

I sketched a picture of a pig, went over it with Sharpie, then let the kids paint it however they wanted.

Join us next week for more farm story time!


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