A Birthday for Cow!

We started our second week of farm story time with Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s Duck! Rabbit! about a mysterious creature that looks like a duck and a bunny at the same time. Which is it? And how will we find out?

Our second story was Jan Thomas’s A Birthday for Cow, about a group of barnyard animals that are planning a surprise for their friend Cow. Pig and Mouse are working hard to bake a cake, but Duck has a different idea. Can they get along and help their friend celebrate his birthday?

After our stories, we danced to “Face the Facts” by Jim Gill, then went to our stations:

Station 1: the first page of this Printable Barn from Learn Create Love.

Station 2: play tool set with plastic nuts and bolts.

Station 3: animal masks.

Station 4: green and brown flubber (for grass and mud) with wooden barns and plastic people and animals. I wish I had taken a picture of this because they got so creative with it! They were making animal tracks in mud, mud paths for the cows, mud baths for the pigs, and mud-filled barns.

Join us next week for more fun on the farm!


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