Chimps Don’t Wear Glasses

This was out third week of Laura Numeroff story time. We read two of her stories this time. The first is a favorite from my childhood, Dogs Don’t Wear Sneakers. The second was new to me, Chimps Don’t Wear Glasses. Both books are about animals in absurd situations, doing and wearing very awfully silly things. There are bears taking baths and horses hang gliding. The pictures, by illustrator Joe Mathieu, are vibrant, colorful, and full of wonderful little details. The kids really enjoyed both stories, and there was a lot of laughing and giggling.

After our stories, we did a new rhyme called “Five Fat Sausages:”

Five fat sausages frying in a pan
All of the sudden–one went “BANG!”

Four fat sausages…
Three fat sausages…
Two fat sausages…
One fat sausage…

Then we played a short game of animal dice.

We moved on to our craft, which was a jungle collage with monkeys. I don’t have pictures to share this time, but the printable I used can be found at The Art & Craft Giraffe.

We closed with some free time to play with the games and toys I had set up around the room. There was a monkey scale with banana weights to balance, plastic frogs with foam bugs they wanted to eat, and a table full of plastic animals and foam blocks. The kids made some pretty impressive block architecture:

Block Castle

Join us next week for more Laura Numeroff!


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