If You Give a Dog a Donut

Story time is back this week with more from Laura Numeroff! We started with a rhyme called “Ten Red Apples.”

Ten red apples growing on a tree, (wiggle all ten fingers)
Five for you and five for me! (wiggle fingers on one hand, then fingers on the other hand)
Now let’s shake the tree just so, (shake your whole body)
And ten red apples will fall below! (wiggle all ten fingers and make them fall to the floor)
One, two, three, four, five, (count on your fingers)
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten! (count on your fingers)

After our rhyme, we read our stories, If You Take a Mouse to School and If You Give a Dog a Donut. Both books follow the pattern found in If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. One simple thing leads to a lot of adventures!

After our stories, we did some music and movement. I passed out a pair of rhythm sticks to each child, and after talking about how it was important to be gentle with them, we used them for two songs, Hap Palmer’s Tap Your Sticks” and “Tap Tap (Your Rhythm Sticks)” by We Kids Rock. Both songs are great fun, and the kids really got into tapping their sticks and following the songs’ directions.

We moved on to our craft next. This week was a paper plate donut with color glue frosting and tissue paper sprinkles:

Paper Plate Donut Craft

The color glue was made with regular Elmer’s glue mixed with a bit of washable liquid watercolor. We used Popsicle sticks to drizzle the glue on, then sprinkled some tissue paper bits on top. The picture doesn’t really do them justice; they were adorable!

Hope to see you next week!


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