It’s an Orange Aardvark!

Today we kicked off colors and shapes story time!

We started off with a song by Jim Gill called “Color Game.” “Color Game” asks children to find a certain color, pick it up, and do something with it. The first half of the song asks for specific colors (“Take red / Put it on your head”). The second half asks for colors of certain things (“Take the color of a rose / Put it on your nose”). It took the kids a while to get the hang of it, but we’ll be doing it again next week, so they should be experts by then!

Our first book was Magic Colors by PatrickGeorge. Each two page spread features two different backgrounds, and there’s a transparent page in the middle with a color on it. Flipping the middle page to either of the other pages creates a new picture with new pictures. You can see it in action on PatrickGeorge’s website.

Our second story was It’s an Orange Aardvark!, the newest title by author and illustrator Michael Hall. It’s an Orange Aardvark is a new favorite of mine. It’s about a group of carpenter ants who drill a window in their tree stump, only to find a suspicious looking patch of orange outside. They drill again, only to find a patch of blue. As they find more and more colors, their imaginations take flight and they come up with explanations for what could be outside their stump. The kids had a lot of fun guessing what each color might be.

Once we had finished our stories, we danced to “The Goldfish” by Laurie Berkner. I cannot recommend this song enough! Almost every time I play it, the kids want to play it again immediately. It’s so much fun!

Our craft this week was a color wheel. I had cut up paint chips, paper scraps, magazine clippings, and stickers all jumbled together in a container. I gave each child a handful, and they found colors to put on a color wheel/flower that I downloaded from Mr Printables.

We finished up with a very messy, very exciting activity. The night before, I made six batches of magical melting dough, a play recipe from Growing a Jeweled Rose. I made red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. The dough is firm enough to mold like Play-Doh, but it also “melts,” and starts to ooze through your fingers. I also prepared a spray bottle of vinegar. Each child got a turn to make the dough fizz by spraying it. The results were spectacular:

There was quite a bit of clean-up involved, but it was totally worth it. It was so much fun!

Hope to see you next week!


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