This week we started story time by repeating our song from last week, “Color Game” by Jim Gill. This time, I put together a bucket of “stuff” of all different colors–pom-pom balls, marbles, wooden beads, foam beads, plastic counters, etc. I gave each kid a paper tray filled with things from the bucket. When the song called a color, we found something of that color in our trays and did what the song told us to do. This seemed to help the kids understand the song better than they did last week.

Our first story was A Funny Little Bird by Jennifer Yerkes. The funny little bird in the title has white feathers, so he disappears among the white pages. The other birds make fun of him, but he discovers that his uniqueness is a valuable trait.

We took a break after our first story to play bingo, using bingo sheets from Early Learning HQ and soft foam markers.

Our second story this week was Leo Timmers’Bang, a nearly wordless picture book about different colored cars bumping into each other, forming a long line. This book is fantastic, and the illustrations are bright, vivid, funny, and detailed. The kids had a great time shouting “BANG!” when the cars would bump into each other.

We followed our stories with a song, “Listen and Move” by Greg & Steve. “Listen and Move” plays six different types of music and tells the kids what action to do with the music. Then it replays the music and the kids have to try and remember what actions go with what type of music.

After the song, I got out some Play Doh tools and a batch of no cook play clay I made using a recipe from Growing a Jeweled Rose. The texture was different than store-bought Play-Doh, and the kids were really interested in feeling it and molding, squishing, and rolling, and cutting it.

No Cook Play Clay

We finished up with an easy art activity. I set out crayons, markers, and colored pencils as well mandala coloring pages.

We’ll be back next week!


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