Monsters Love Colors

This week was another colors and shapes story time! We started with a really cute board book by Megan E. Bryant called Shapeasaurus. The book is shaped like a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and each page talks about the different shapes that make up the dinosaurs in the story.

After the board book, we took a break to play a color sorting game. I taped five different colored tubes to the wall and collected a lot of different colored items (pom poms, beads, counters, etc) in a container. The kids went two at a time. Each kid picked five or six items from the container, carried them to the tubes, and used a pair of plastic tongs to drop them in the matching colored tubes. I put plastic cups under the tubes to catch the items.

We followed this game with two more stories (and a brief snack break in between). First was Lines that Wiggle by Candace Whitman, a fun and colorful book that finds all kinds of lines in all kinds of places. Next was Monsters Love Colors by author and illustrator Mike Austin. This is one of my favorites. Each monster has a favorite color. The first three monsters love the primary colors. The next three monsters love secondary colors, and they have to figure out how to make them. It’s a really great introduction to the concept of mixing colors to create new ones.

After our books were over, we had a shape scavenger hunt. The idea is from The Activity Mom, and it’s so easy to make and fun to play! I gathered some toys, traced them on a big piece of paper, and went over the outlines with Sharpie. Then I put the toys in the bucket, let the kids pick one at a time, and told them to match the toy to it’s outline.

Shape Scavenger Hunt

We finished the day with our craft, which was roller painting:

I gave each child a tray with a piece of thick paper on it, then squirted lines of different colors of tempera paint down the middle. Then each of them were allowed to pick one item from a tray to paint with. I had foam paint rollers, small wooden rolling pins in a variety of shapes, little plastic worms of different lengths, and some plastic cars. Once they were done with one item, they could trade it for another. The results were awesome, and the kids had a blast doing it.

Join us next week for more stories and activities about colors and shapes!


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