Meet Einstein

This week kicks off summer reading! Our theme this year is Fizz Boom Read, so it’s all about science.

We started story time with a rhyme called “My Five Senses,” which I found on Yakaberry. First I asked the kids if they could tell me what our five senses were, and then we talked briefly about each one. Then I went through the rhyme one line at a time and had the kids repeat after me:

I have eyes that can see,
And a nose that can smell,
I have fingers that can touch,
And they do it very well,
I have ears that can hear,
And a tongue that can taste,
These five things I should not waste.

Our book was Meet Einstein by Mariela Kleiner. This is a really cute, short book that works very well as an introduction to the many different kinds of science and scientists. The beginning and end of the book have pictures of a collection of different tools and instruments that a scientist might use. These pictures are a great discussion starter. I asked the kids if they could tell me what any of the tools and instruments were, what they did, and why a scientist might need them for. It got them very engaged in the story right off the bat.

Meet Einstein

After the story, I let the kids go on a scavenger hunt I had put together earlier. I found nine pictures of science-related things, printed them, cut them out, and hid them around the room. I gave each kid a sheet of paper with small pictures of the hidden objects, and they crossed them off with marker as they found each one.

The kids also had a chance to play with some magnifying glasses, look through some color viewers, and weigh some plastic worms on a balance. When they were done exploring, they played with straws and connectors and built all kinds of amazing things.


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