Your Senses at the Beach

This week for summer reading, the theme was five senses. We started with the same rhyme we did last week:

I have eyes that can see
And a nose that can smell
I have fingers that can touch
And they do it very well
I have ears that can hear
And a tongue that can taste
These five things I should not waste.

We read two books. The first was What Is Science? by Rebecca Kai Dotlich. This is a very cute book that describes all the different kinds of science there are in short, lyrical sentences. The pictures by Sachiko Yoshikawa are beautiful as well.

Our second book was Your Senses at the Beach by Kimberly M. Hutmacher. This is a non-fiction story about the ways we experience a day at the beach using our five senses.

We followed our books with an I Spy activity. Each kid was given a laminated sheet of paper from an I Spy book as well as a marker to use with it. They circled the items as they found them, working either alone or in groups.Our craft this week was really fun. I printed out small pictures of a pair of glasses, a cupcake, a guitar, a vase of flowers, and a pair of hands washing with soap and water. I passed out little booklets I had made ahead of time with craft foam. Each booklet was bound by a book ring and had a cover page as well as a page for each of the five senses. The kids colored the little pictures and then used a glue stick to attach them to the page with the corresponding sense written on it:

My Five Senses Booklet

Next week, our theme will be weather. Hope to see you there!


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