A Cool Drink of Water

Today’s story time theme was water. We started with an action rhyme I found on the KCLS Wiki, an awesome resource for songs, rhymes, and fingerplays. It’s called “Rain on the Green Grass”:

Rain on the green grass, (wiggle fingers down like rain falling)

Rain on the trees, (raise arms like branches)

Rain on the rooftop, (make a roof with your arms)

But NOT on me! (brush shoulders off)

We followed the rhyme with our first book, I am Water by Jean Marzollo, about all the different ways we use water and all the different things water can do.

After our story, we took a quick dance break. Our first song was “Freeze Dance” by The Fresh Beats Band. This is a fun one because it allows the kids to dance however they want. We had dinosaur dancing, spider dancing, and even some princess dancing. The only rule is that everybody has to freeze when the music stops. Our second song was “We Are the Dinosaurs” by the Laurie Berkner Band. This one involves a lot of stomping like dinosaurs, along with some eating, sleeping, and roaring like dinosaurs.

Our second book was A Cool Drink of Water by Barbara Kerley. A Cool Drink of Water is based on a series of gorgeous National Geographic photos of people and water from all around the world. I was worried at first that the kids might not like it, since it’s a bit different from the books we normally read, but they were really engaged with the book right away. They were interested in what was happening in the photos (who is the person in it and what are they doing?), and they learned about different ways of collecting and, storing, and drinking water (the women carrying pitchers on their heads were especially impressive). It was a great read!

After our stories, we attempted to make fireworks in a jar. Sadly, this experiment failed, which was 100% my fault. I couldn’t find any food coloring, and I tried it with liquid watercolor instead. This substitution did not work! I’ll have to find some food coloring and repeat the experiment according to the instructions, because when done successfully it’s really very pretty. 

Our craft this week was ice chalk. I followed the recipe this time, but I didn’t mix it quite as well as I probably should have, so it seemed to kind of separate as it froze. I would mix it first and then put it in the ice cube tray if I were to make them again.

We finished the day by taking turns at a water table I’d set up in the corner and playing with straws and connectors

Next week is fair week, so we’ll be taking a break from programming. But the week after tha we’ll be back. Our theme will be plants. See you there!


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